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Pi Nera said in an interview on Thursday: "I have learned a lot in the first year of the bear. I think I still have a big improvement space, but it can be better. I hope this year is also a year, hope It can make your own hit rate. My biggest gain is that in the wind space, I feel different in the indoor play. I feel that I have matured as a player, I hope everything will be smooth this year. "

Steelman defensive end House Ward: Need to treat it in the epidemic
When NFL continues to consider how to deal with the epidemic, many people are discussing how to ensure safety while returning to the stadium.

US Time Saturday, the NFL Committee accepted the signature letter from 4,000 fans, the content of the letter is to help lightning in San Diego build a new stadium. Goodel told these fans on the spot. If the lightning has a new stadium, San Diego will hold a super bowl again.

"As of now, I haven't thought about it yet," Hayward said in an interview with NFL TV. "At present, I have been training, trying to prepare, but I have to talk to my family, make sure I have every precautionary measures if I want to return. We have no vaccine. We still have to face a lot of tests. Many measures have to be in place. I have to make a correct decision for my family. I have to make sure I will not harm them and myself. "

Ferninan joined the Saints in the middle of last season, ending his eight-month short retirement state. This once selected the best lineup of the corner of the best lineup and Tennesi Toyan, St. Louis Ram and Miami Doubha.

This is the first time for the judges for the specific location of the offensive front, the flexible position of the offensive group, the fifth defensive guard, abandoned back to the attack on the enemy, and the special group player.

The new season Bill's offense is worth looking forward to, the team gets the front Philadelphia eagle runs 卫 勒 恩恩 McCoy, and before the front New York jet walks Perth Harvin. Watekins will partner with the above two people to help this new Bill go further.

The Saint Sanctuary allows the opponent to advance the 284 yards, which is the second multi-share of the league. At this point, an additional player can help them in the second-line defensive reconstruction process.

The NFL player will guide the player broker earlier this week to ensure that their customers fully understand any risk associated with existing physical conditions and neoguanpi pneumonia, it is recommended that they communicate with the team's personnel and teamwork. According to the information of the disease control center, people with asthma symptoms have a larger risk after suffering from neoguan pneumonia.

"Not yet," Hayward is asked if there is teammate to discuss the exit. "Everyone I know is trying more about information because they want to return to the stadium. We must be very wise about this. Due to no vaccine, this is not in the epidemic, this is not a decision made in one or two days. We have to ensure that everyone's players and each family think that playing is safe. "

Line guards: Lorenzo Alexander, Buffalo, Luke Kuechly, Carolina Black Leopard, Ravonte David, Tampawan Pirate, CJ Mosley, Baltimo Crow, Zach, Zach Brown, Buffalo, Zakari Orr (Zachary Orr), Baltimo Crow, Alik Agot Alec Ogletree, wholesale Nfl jerseys Los Angeles Ram, East Pagoda - Heili (Dont & # 39; A Hightower), New England Patriots, Whitney Mercilus, Houston Texas, Benadri Gram - McKinney, Houston Texas

New Orleans signed the old will horn
At the top season, the Cortland Finnegan, who was first participated in the Super Bowl of the Corolina, has decided to work in the new season for the blackpine partition.

Goodel said so: "I am very happy if San Diego can complete the construction of the new court, then your team owner will definitely fight for a super bowl. I think this is what we all want to see, we will find a solution Method. "

Pi Nera was completed 23 times in the season, 25 times, 25 additional shooting, 50%, 50%, kicking. In order to create a competitive atmosphere, the bear struck Ramiz Ahmed. Amid was only playing in the third year of 2018, and 20 arbitrary ball shoots were completed 15 times.

Just 7 people were selected this year in the best lineup of the best lineup last year. It is not surprisingly that Dallas denim is selected by 5 people, and the second is the second is the chief of Kansas City, and 4 are selected.

Watekins still recovered, unable to participate in training
The goal of Buffalobier's new season is to enter the playoffs. As the new core of the team's pass attack, the Sammy Watkins is hoped. During the tour, Watekins chooses to accept hips surgery. At present, wholesale Jerseys he still recovered, and it is not necessary to participate in the team training.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Watekins said in an interview: "I still need some time to recover. Compared with your teammates, I have already been behind. I can't work with my teammates, but I still have to do something. I have been watching defensive video, studying defensive way. I think I will come back soon, I have to advance at all. "